A message from Revd Dr Sam Wells to all our volunteers

Volunteers are at the heart of the Christmas Appeal for two reasons. One is simple: it’s important to donors that we keep our overheads to a minimum. Donors understandably (if not always realistically) want to see every penny that they contribute go directly to the people in greatest need. A large team of volunteers helps us achieve that. But more subtly and importantly, the Christmas Appeal is about dismantling the powerlessness of a well-meaning person to do anything about a huge social issue like homelessness. The Appeal makes it possible for a person in a quiet village both to know and to feel that they are positively affecting the life of someone they’ve never met on a street in London or in a bed-sit in Dundee. Volunteers are making the same discovery themselves: there is something you can do – and doing it is not only satisfying but often fun.

Thank you for making the 2014 Appeal happen. You don’t just help raise the money: you embody the spirit of what the Appeal is all about.

The Revd Dr Sam Wells
February 2015

Revd Dr Sam Wells made the 88th Christmas Appeal on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday – you can listen again here. You can also hear how your donations have changed the lives of people across the UK by listening to Aasmah Mir present ‘BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal: Making a Difference‘.

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